Online Scams You Might Get Fooled By

Internet accessibility is worldwide. It is mostly useful for everyone. Internet accessibility is of different useful purposes such as marketing, social communication, researches and so on. However, we need to be aware of the dark side of using internet. Online scams are now widespread. Other people take advantage of others and victims lose a lot.

The following are online scams that you might get fooled by. The Fake Anti-virus Scam. A message will suddenly pop up on your computer saying that your computer needs to cleaned until you will find out that they are asking money from you. Anti-virus is very important for our computer but there are fake anti-virus scam and they really look like the same with that of the real ones. The Easy Money Scam. Most of us want to have a job without much effort and time. This kind of scam entice people because of the easy way to get a job. First, they will ask you to pay upon starting but after paying, you will not receive any reply anymore. First thing that you need to remember is that no job will ever demand an employee to pay when starting. The Old Friend Scam. Scammers will introduce themselves as your old friends and ask you money since they are your friends.

The Nigerian 401 Scam. Originated in Nigeria where strange emails will be sent to you saying that they need to send you a lot of money in order to transfer out of their country. They will include sad stories to show their desperation. Their strategy is to ask you to send some small amount of money but actually, upon starting to send money, they will continually ask you until it will become bigger and bigger.


The Fake Online Shop Scam. Many people love shopping online because they find it more practical and convenient. Scammers will have the same website as that of your favorite, same layout, same picture so you need to be careful and look at the address. The Romance Scam. Scammers will make a relationship with the victim. They will genuinely converse with the victim until they will get the victim’s trust. After all, they will start asking money to the victim saying it is for emergency and so on.

The Charity Scam. We have the heart to help whenever there are horrible disasters that is why scammers take advantage at this point. They will send you emails desperately asking for money but after receiving the money, there is no communication any longer. If you want to donate, make sure that the company for donation is reliable so that your money will not be in vain.  The Unexpected Winning Scam. You probably encountered this kind many times. A message may just kind of pop up in your computer saying that you won. Just ignore them, it is not true especially if you know that you did not join any lottery game. Others online scams include free movies scam, quiz scam and so on.