The Danger of using Internet in today’s age

Internet probably is the greatest sensation of man. Internet can provide all the things you want to do in your life time. Everything that you wish can just be provided with just one click and enter in a search engine. If you wish to know about how many championships Michael Jordan have you probably won’t ask your dad rather search it via google or bing and you could know it in a few seconds depending to your internet speed this is the beauty of internet.

However, it also have danger. Many opportunistic people take internet as one opportunity. They set up phishing sites where you are lure to provide them your e-mail address,passwords, and personal details and ones you are trapped you probably find yourself giving them your personal details. This might cause you giving them your personal e-mail accounts and handing them your online bank accounts which they can easily take since you have provided them your e-mail and accounts.

This will cost you a fortune ones you lost your personals to them. Also if you have hided your private photos and videos this might be a tool to them to extort you. Nowadays, there are people who are asking money to threaten you that they will expose your private picture or videos in the internet. This is because they have entered your accounts due to phishing.
These are the danger of internet and you should be aware with.
Have precautions especially in the field of online and internet.