Phishing, a technique used to get your personal details

Internet is a global influence, it can touch us in many ways in many applications and use. It is being utilized in communication, work, assignments and even business as this is very user friendly it is very easy to access however there are many risk in using online internet and one of them is phishing.
Hackers nowadays use a technique called phishing to get your personal accounts.

They lure you by there approach of you have won something like a new phone, shoes, car or a house but provided that you provide them your user name, e-mail address, personal details. After they do this and you comply to their subscription they will use their software or program to try to enter your personal e-mail by using all the details you have provided and if they are in luck and you have given them your current e-mail and password they will try to enter your bank assets, move your personal things to their own account.

People who are new in the internet are easily lured since new gadget or any valuable things are presented but this is something that we should be very suspicious. Remember that we are not receiving a candy from a stranger because we are unsure of, actually same circumstance is applied in the online. Never trust internet as it is to decode everything. Always be on your guard in the internet avoid what is unnecessary like phishing.