The top 5 countries with the lowest unemployment rate

Unemployment rate is used to measure the employment status of a place or country. As it is important that people or citizen have a source of living employment should become a priority of a president. It should be taken consideration also as it can reflect the performance of the president. The unemployment rate indicates if the economy of a country is doing well or weak and not performing well. If there are many businesses established then job employment can increase and thus make the unemployment rate lower.

As we will look to the countries that have the lowest unemployment rate, it is noteworthy to note that it is not 100 percent reliable. Some countries make effort to cover the true rate of unemployment of their country to say that their country is doing well. The one country with the lowest rate of unemployment being in the fifth position is China. China economy has shown growth for the past years. But they say that their record of rate is not reliable and the true rate can be at twenty percent.

The next country being the fourth is India. The informal jobs contribute highly to the employment of India. In recent years, its growth has been slowed and no new businesses are opening leading to the increasing level of unemployment. Next is japan as number three and South Korea as the third in the list, link here. The number one spot goes to Switzerland who has a stable production of good economy.