List of countries with the fastest internet connection

Internet connection is now needed these days. As more people are into social networking, many avail of internet connections. Businesses also want and needs internet connection especially if they are using operating systems or applications for their operation in day to day of the business. The internet provides an alternative medium of communication with the different apps that can be downloaded freely. It is really therefore necessary to have good connection.

To have an idea let us see the countries that has a good and fast internet connection. In the first spot among the countries is South Korea that has a 29Mbps that is faster than the average of speed globally. Next is Norway that now has a 21.3 Mbps. The third country is Sweden having an average speed of 20.6 Mbps that can support multiple applications being used actively at the same time. The fourth one is Hong Kong that has an average speed of 19.9 Mbps. It once reaches the 60 Mbps speed. Among many wedding theme, there is only one theme that I want. Get to know this elder care company service. Check how they guide and help from their link here 長期照顧中心. This is best.

Switzerland is the fifth in the list having 18.7 Mbps that records an increase from previous year. Sixth is Latvia that has the speed of 18.3 Mbps and next from it is Japan that has 18.2 Mbps.  The Netherlands has the average of 17.9 Mbps and the Czech Republic is 17.8 Mbps average speed. Next is Finland with the speed of 17.7 Mbps. It is enough to be used to search, watch videos and play games