Avoid Online Scam

The world has now reach a pinnacle of success in the field of technology. Basically everything becomes very accessible and internet is a very good example of this. Our jobs are now connected to online e-mail, our money can also be connected online and basically everything that we do has something to do with internet and online already.

Nowadays, there are many people who are victimized online. Their private life are being exposed, their bank account are hacked and they are being extorted due to being a victim of online scammers. So how do we avoid it?

First thing that we have to know is to be aware of internet and online’s pros and cons having enough idea will help us to be cautious and  not to trust in online too much.

At the present time of internet everyone should know that there is a saying “it is not good to receive candy from a stranger” . Actually the same  principle applies in the internet or online. If someone in the internet offers you that you won a new iPhone, shoes or a trip to Hawaii, you should be suspicious, though this might seem harmless but this could be very dangerous to lure you in  and steal your passwords or even your identity. This is known today as “phishing”, phishing is the act of attempting to acquire information such as usernames,passwords and personal details by pretending to be  a trust worthy source. That is why you should be able to identify a phishing scam so that you can protect yourself and your things.

It is better to not trust the internet too much as you can be victimized with just one click.

Phishing technique is to lure you to apply, they will get your personal details even your user and password in this case you should not give it and close the software ones this appear. This is there step to get your email and hacked your personal accounts.

Remember this:

When in doubt, ask a parent, teacher or trusted adult. So be aware and avoid scams!